EILAB. An International Research Hub at UOIT, Canada.

The EILAB at the Faculty of Education, UOIT, Canada, is a digital facility for exploring human-computer interaction and learning. It is a hub for researchers and collaborations from around the world. The EILAB is a member of the Inclusive Design Institute (IDI), Canada’s first research hub focused on digital inclusion. Under the general IDI group, the EILAB is also a member of the AEGIS project, funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Government of Ontario. Current research explores: 1) democratized, fully online learning, 2) digital competencies for online and mobile learning, and 3) social, physiological and cultural dimensions of collaborative online learning.


Transforming Online Learning: Introducing the FOLC Model

    • Roland vanOostveen, PhD


    • Maurice DiGiuseppe


    • Wendy Barber, PhD - UOIT


    • Elizabeth A. Childs, PhD

      Elizabeth A.

    • Olena Mykhailenko, PhD

      Olena Mykhailenko

    • Todd J.B. Blayone, M.A.

      Todd J.B. Blayone


Fully Online Learning Community Model - Roland van Oostveen

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The Fully Online Learning Community (FOLC) model is a framework authored by Dr. Roland van Oostveen, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), Canada, for conceptualizing, designing and researching, collaborative online learning in higher education. A social-constructivist model, based on a decade of research and praxis at UOIT, FOLC incorporates problem- and inquiry-based learning, and facets of other key models such as the General Technology Competency and Use, Community of Inquiry, Community of Practice, Transactional Distance and the Teaching Learning Paradigm. Perhaps most importantly, FOLC conceptualizes the teaching function as one of social and cognitive empowerment, and encourages negotiated learning outcomes shaped by the goals, experience, culture and values of the community itself. In this way, FOLC pursues the democratization of education at the level of “the learner,” and positions “learning” as both a fundamental human characteristic and a human right. [View FOLC Project Page]



Culture, Digital Competency and Online Learning in Ukraine

EILAB Press Release - March 2016 - Ukraine Participants Online

Ukrainian participants exploring the Adobe Connect environment. Click for larger image.

This international pilot course and research study explores relationships between dimensions of culture (using the model of Hofstede), digital competencies (as defined and measured by the General Technology Competency and Use framework) and collaborative online learning for educational transformation in Ukraine. It is conducted within the framework of a Canada-Ukraine research partnership between UOIT and Kyiv National Economic University. This partnership is UOIT’s first such partnership with Ukraine. [View Project Page]


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