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31 Aug

EILab Reflection: The Social Graph

By Todd BlayoneBlogs, EILab Reflections, Experience, , , , , , Comments are off

The burning question in my mind was why social scientists immersed in digital research tools are not more aggressively exploring data collection via automated integrations with the social graph. Why do many researchers limit data collection strategies to pre-digital research methodologies? Continue reading

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06 Aug

Director Update: Spring 2014

By Francois DesjardinsBlogs, Experience, , , , , , , , , , , Comments are off

Year five of this project for UOIT has been one of transitioning from mostly installation and initiation of many systems to now engaging in the next phase which is the catching-up to get where we want to be with the research.   Although we had some early students completing their masters using the first wave of mobile devices with a variety of learners with some disabilities, none of them made use of the data collection and analysis systems in the EILAB as it was just recently completed. Continue reading

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