EdMedia 2010 Presentation #2

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Towards a reconceptualization of online teacher professional learning: Problem-based learning objects (PBLOs)


In spite of profound changes in society, real reforms regarding the focus of education or the methods used have been slow to take hold in educational systems around the world particularly regarding the use of technology for teacher professional learning purposes. The present study is a case study based on the pilot use of a single Problem-based Learning Object (PBLO) with 36 pre-service teacher candidates in a science education curriculum methods course. The PBLO, set within a Collaborative Online Learning Environment, was used to instigate discourse between pairs of users. Among other tasks, the teacher candidates were asked to create two sets (pre and post) of concept maps. The differences between the two concept maps were analyzed. The results, although not statistically significant, demonstrated that the developed tools are useable by students, and it further suggests that investigation with larger samples over a longer period of time is warranted.