Canada-Ukraine Partnership Announced

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Canada Ukraine Partnership

EILAB Canada-Ukraine Partnership

The EILAB at the Faculty of Education, UOIT has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to form an international partnership with Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman located in Kyiv, Ukraine. This partnership is situated in a conceptual “sandbox” informed by several overarching themes:

  • Challenges faced by Ukrainian students and academic researchers to participate fully in a digitally rich, global knowledge community in periods of socio-economic transition
  • The potential of information and communication technologies (ICT) to support and amplify processes of empowerment, cultural cross-fertilization and learning.
  • The usefulness of inter-disciplinary and international collaboration for exploring the versatility of interpretive frameworks and mediating dimensions of culture.
  • The opportunity for universities to expand beyond their traditional borders through globally-accessible, online programs supporting constructivist modes of learning.
Kyiv National Economics University

Kyiv National Economics University

Envisioned Areas of Collaborative Activity

Collaborative activities are expected to include formal projects, conference participation, and informal exchanges of information. Specific research studies involving faculty, graduate students and/or student participants, will address a variety of related topics:

  • Conceptualizing and measuring general digital competency among university students in Ukraine using the GTCU framework (a further description of this initial project will be attached for reference)
  • Exploring an online, business simulation as a cross-cultural instrument for business-competencies assessment
  • Investigating relationships between digital and business competencies
  • Relating psychological empowerment and trust to higher-order digital competencies and social participation
  • Conceptualizing effective business leadership in relation to personal empowerment and digital competencies
  • Instructor digital literacy and classroom practices

Mutual Partnership Benefits

Expected partnership benefits include:

  • Extending the reach of digital infrastructure, applications and environments related to online learning and research
  • Engaging students seeking international educational opportunities
  • Enhancing international collaboration through joint participation in research forums and publications, summer/winter schools, online-course development, etc.
  • Providing mutual support for international graduate research
  • Leveraging the research networks of each party to explore further international synergies and opportunities

Participating Researchers

  • Roland vanOostveen, PhD, Associate Professor, UOIT and Director of EILAB, Canada
  • Olena Mykhailenko, PhD, Associate Professor, KNEU, Ukraine and EILAB Associate Researcher, Canada
  • Olena Grebeshkova, PhD, Associate Professor, KNEU, Ukraine
  • Petro Banshchykov, PhD, Associate Professor, KNEU and Director of ETCEBM, Ukraine
  • Vitaliy Pazdriy, PhD Candidate, KNEU, Ukraine
  • Oleksiy Grebeshkov, PhD, Senior Lecturer, KNEU, Ukraine
  • Ulana Plawuszczak Pidzamecky, Graduate EILAB Researcher, Faculty of Education, UOIT, Canada
  • Todd J.B. Blayone, Graduate EILAB Researcher, Faculty of Education, UOIT and Research Technician, Canada