Featured EILAB 2015 Pubs, UOIT, Canada

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Publications, EILab, UOIT, 2014, educational informatics

The following is a list of featured EILAB 2015 pubs (articles and conference papers) from the research team. Key themes include digital competencies for learning, problem-based learning, cross-cultural online and problem-based learning, social dynamics of online learning and the dynamics of empowerment.

The EILAB at the Faculty of Education, UOIT, Canada, is a digital facility for exploring human-computer interaction and learning. It is a hub for researchers and collaborations from around the world. The EILAB is a member of the Inclusive Design Institute (IDI), Canada’s first research hub focused on digital inclusion. Under the general IDI group, the EILAB is also a member of the AEGIS project, funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Government of Ontario. Current research explores: 1) democratized, fully online learning, 2) digital competencies for online and mobile learning, and 3) social, physiological and cultural dimensions of collaborative online learning.