EILAB Observational Hardware

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The EILAB in the Faculty of Education, UOIT, under the Directorship of Dr. Roland vanOostveen, facilitates local and remote, collaborative, international research involving the collection, storage and analysis of human-computer, learning-related interactions. The following offers a selective overview of current EILAB digital affordances as of December 13, 2015.

EILAB Observational Hardware in Perspective

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Technical Infrastructure

The EILAB leverages a dedicated and shared infrastructure to maximize performance, flexibility and control over research assets and activity.

  • UOIT high-bandwidth communications pipeline.
  • Two Dell rack servers (local and north campus).
  • Several network attached storage units and servers.

Research Automation and Digital Assets Management (RADAM) (in development)

In development as of Fall 2015, the is application will provide innovative functionality supporting workflow and meta-data automation, assets management, and assisted video exploration, “chunking” and meta-tagging.

  • Workflow and digital assets, management and automation functionality.
  • Access security for primary and secondary researchers.
  • Rich search functionality.
  • Automated and semi-automated asset naming, storage and tagging.
  • Video assets exploration, criteria-based “chunking,” and meta-data coding.
  • Tools for managing secure remote access.
  • Integrations with data-collection and analysis software.

Multi-purpose, Multi-perspective and Multi-sensory Digital Recording

The EILAB’s on-site observatory and observation room offer a comfortable and flexible physical environment for individual participants and groups. Audio-visual recording is facilitated with AXIS cameras, audio hardware and studio lighting. A powerful Dell workstation with twin ultra-high resolution displays is available for camera control, monitoring and recording. Affordances for mobile (controlled and ethnographic) observations are also available.

  • High visibility observatory and with non-obtrusive observation room.
  • Physical configurations for adults and children, with diverse levels of abilities.
  • Fixed and mobile, HD, high-zoom, PTZ IP cameras.
  • Broadcast quality HD Sony Digital Camcorder.
  • Multiple adjustable, LED lighting units.
  • Variety of audio-capture hardware: Sound board, capture card, studio quality microphones.
  • Rich, real-time communication affordances for remote collaboration.
  • Dell workstation with ultra-high resolution screens for camera control and audio-visual data capture.

Inventory of Mobile Devices

The EILAB provides a variety of mobile devices for participant and researcher use. Devices are periodically refreshed to ensure alignment with current functionality,  practices and performance expectations. 

  • Two iPad Air tablets.
  •  iPhone 6+ smartphone.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.
  • Blackberry Priv.
  • Inventory of older tabs, “phabs” and phones from Apple, Samsung and Blackberry.

Data-Collection and Analysis, Hardware and Software

The EILAB offers licensed access to specialized applications that facilitate the collection and analysis of behavioural, affective, physiological and reported data related to human-computer interaction in contexts of learning. Remote access to these applications can be explored by contacting the EILAB Director.  

  • Noldus Media Recorder: Audio-video recording software supporting 4 simultaneous streams or picture-in-picture configurations.
  • Noldus FaceReader: Facial expressions (of emotion) recognition software supporting real-time capture,  and live or recorded analysis.
  • Noldus The Observer XT: Video coding and analysis suite that integrates with Noldus Media Recorder and FaceReader.
  • Tobii Eye-tracking Systems: Including a fixed panel and a mobile, headset configuration.
  • Tobii Pro Studio: Eye-tracking analysis software.
  • Transana: Synchronized video and transcript analysis.
  • QSR nVivo: Powerful, multi-purpose, qualitative data analysis (QDA) software.
  • RepGrid 5: Qualitative data collection and analysis software for structured construct elicitation and analysis.
  • GTCU Profile Tool: Cloud-based, digital-competency and use (GTCU) data-collection application.

Communication and Collaboration

The EILAB provides rich communication affordances for international researcher communication, collaboration and presentation.  

  • Several large fixed and mobile screens.
  • Conferencing and streaming cameras.
  • Wired and wireless microphones.
  • Adobe Connect web-based collaboration and conferencing environment.
  • Remote-control software.


*To make an inquiry or request access as an EILAB researcher, or member of a partner institution, please contact us.