Tutorial: Blue (South) Wall

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EILab, UOIT, CanadaThe following represents basic operational instructions for the hardware affordances located on the EILab’s blue (south) wall at the Faculty of Education, UOIT. These include dual, wall-mounted displays, and a Mac mini computer with a variety of audio-visual peripherals.

EILab Observatory: Blue WallEILab Observatory: Blue Wall (click to enlarge image)


  • 2 LG 40” Displays
  • Mac mini
  • Stereo PC speakers
  • Rocketfish and Microsoft HD Web Cams
  • APEX USB Condenser Microphone
  • 2 LG TV Remote Controllers

Basic Operation

  1. Turn on PC speakers (left button on right speaker).
  2. Ensure Apple wireless mouse is turned on (small button on bottom of mouse beside laser).
  3. Turn on LG displays by pointing an LG remote at one of the displays and pressing the Power button. Repeat for the second display. Power light at bottom right of display will turn blue. (Each remote will work for both displays.)
  4. Turn on Mac mini (press power button at back right).
  5. The Mac desktop will appear. By default, the left screen is configured as the primary display, and the right screen as the secondary display. The Mac mini is configured with the standard user logins.*
  6. When using the Apple wireless mouse on a green glass table, use a mouse pad to ensure proper tracking.


*Acquiring Access and Login Credentials

To acquire access and login credentials for mobile devices, computers, AXIS cameras and software services, please contact todd.blayone@gmail.com.