Tutorial: Orange (East) Wall

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EILab, UOIT, CanadaThe following represents operational instructions for the hardware affordances located on the EILab’s orange (east) wall at the Faculty of Education, UOIT. These include a large screen display, and several computer and home-theatre peripherals.

EILab Observatory: Orange WallEILab Observatory: Orange Wall (click to enlarge image)


  • 80” Sharp Aquos Display
  • Blue-ray Player
  • Mac mini
  • Apple TV
  • 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Logitech ConferenceCam
  • Four Remote Control Devices (1:TV, 2:Blue-ray, 3:Apple TV, 4:ConferenceCam)

Basic Operation

  1. Turn on Sharp TV display by aiming Remote 1 at TV and pressing red power button on top left. (The white caret symbol at bottom centre of TV screen will light up.)
  2. Turn on Blue-ray player (in white cabinet) by aiming Remote 2 at cabinet window and pressing red power button on top left. (When on, tubes will light orange.)
  3. Power on selected input device(s). Mac mini: Press power button located on back right of unit. The Mac mini is configured with the standard users.*
  4. Ensure Apple wireless mouse is turned on by checking small button on bottom of mouse beside laser).
  5. To turn on Apple TV, press silver centre of top button on Remote 3.
  6. Select required input device by using Remote 2. Aim Remote 2 at window of white cabinet and press HOME button (in the middle of the remote). Wait (there is a pause while the screen calibrates), and then press HOME again to get to Network Hub screen. Using the black arrow keys, move three items to the right to highlight Function. Press Enter to display Function Menu. You may now select your desired device. Mac mini is HDMI IN 1. Apple TV is HDMI IN 2.  
  7. To power off the devices, hold down Play button on Apple TV remote (3), hold down Power button on Mac mini, and press Power button on remotes 1 and 2.


*Acquiring Access and Login Credentials

To acquire access and login credentials for mobile devices, computers, AXIS cameras and software services, please contact todd.blayone@gmail.com.