François Desjardins, PhD Retired

Francois Desjardins, PhD

François Desjardins, PhD
Retired Professor, Faculty of Education, UOIT, Canada · Past Director, EILAB

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Researcher Summary

Dr. François Desjardins was the Director of the Programme de Formation à l’Enseignement (french teacher education program) at the Faculty of Education of the University of Ottawa, and later, Associate Dean at the Faculty of EducationUniversity of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT).

Apart from almost two decades of experience teaching in a variety of computer-mediated-communication modes of distance education in Canada, was also a guest professor in an international online distance Master’s program (MARDIF) based in France, and an occasional guest speaker at various institutions across North America and Europe.

With funding from SSHRC, CFI, ORF and other agencies, his research since the mid 90’s,  has led him to develop an epistemological framework of General Technology Competency and Use (GTCU) and apply it to map learners’ and teachers’ technology competency profiles as they function in the digital world.  As this work continued he also worked on a variety of research projects in mobile-learning involving the use of mobile technology, open content and social networks for learning.  In addition, with a recurring interest in problem-based learning approaches applied to online distance education, Dr. Desjardins continued to explore the formal nature of PBL from a theoretical perspective.

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