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07 Nov

EILAB Experience 3 | Data Analysis, Part 1

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Whether quantitative or qualitative, performed live or on recorded data, regardless of the theoretical frameworks involved, data analysis in the EILab represents a partnership between researchers and “cognitive machines.” Continue reading

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27 Aug

Tutorial Video: Overview of Noldus FaceReader 5

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The following is a basic introduction to Noldus FaceReader and the research on which it is based. FaceReader is a sophisticated software application available in the EILab, Faculty of Education, UOIT. It is an advanced tool for automatic analysis of facial expressions, providing users with an computer-generated assessment of a person’s emotion. It automatically identifies the expressions: happy, sad, angry, surprised, scared, disgusted, contempt, and neutral. These are the so-called “basic emotions,” a construct developed by Eckman. Continue reading

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05 Aug

Tutorial: Observation Room (M06)

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The EILAB Observation Room M06 features an iMac and a PC/Windows workstation set behind three glass panels, offering researchers a wide view of the main lab area. The computer systems are specifically configured to support technology-enabled, educational research, with special emphasis on video capture, facial analysis (emotion detection) and behavioural/event tagging/analysis using the Noldus suite of research software (noldus.com). Continue reading

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