Video-based Case Studies in Professional Development Learning Environments: Developing Argumentation Skills in High School Students

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the CNIE Conference, April 27 – 30, 2008 Banff, Alberta, Canada

Ramos, J., vanOostveen, R.

rolandThe case approach described here attempts to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of education by developing video case documentaries depicting exemplary teaching and learning situations in science and technology education. The documentaries consist of video and text based records of program events that include teacher demonstrations, hands-on classroom activities, and particularly discussions between students and the teacher. In addition, the documentaries contain a variety of types of material which were collected from the classroom including samples of students’ work and video-recorded interviews of the teacher and students about their program activities. The video documentaries are then used to educate both in-service and pre-service teachers about teaching strategies employed in science and technology education. The particular video-based case study described in this proposal is based on the topic of developing argumentation skills with grade 12 biology students. The case study was subsequently embedded in a Collaborative Online Learning Environment which was designed to provide affordances for users to collaboratively build their own knowledge regarding the argumentation video case. In an exploratory testing phase, the second generation Professional Development Learning Environment (PDLE) case study is presently being used by a small group of volunteers and initial reactions are being examined and discussed. The theoretical perspectives regarding the use of video case documentaries along with examples taken from the case were presented along with the initial results of the exploratory data collection.

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