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Available Research Tools

Server Based Tools

WebGrid Plus

  • repertory grid (or repgrid) application based on the work of George Kelly
  • conceptual representation system that elicits and analyzes mental models from individuals, groups or communities
  • can be used as a replacement for formal interviews or focus groups

The application was used in a number of research projects over the years, most currently by Ulana Pidzamecky in From Ephemera to Building Blocks: Capturing New Understandings About Efficacy Beliefs Among Teachers in Learning Communities Using Repertory Grid Elicitation

eMedia Digital Asset Management (DAM) System

  • powerful, flexible, open-source DAM
  • allows EILab to organize, distribute, collaborate on, and securely store digital files that make up a digital asset library
  • makes project data (protected by REB approval) available to individual researchers

Used in all student and faculty projects over the past 5years.

GREx (customizable Global Readiness Explorer) Dashboard 

  • a flexible dashboard space providing access to various surveys
  • space is reserved for each participant and tied to a valid email address
  • there are two main pages, (1) the Survey page, which provides access to the surveys is provided, and (2) the Submission page, where the results of the surveys and any analytic visualizations are made available to the participant
  • allows participants to track their skill development progress

The application can be tried by logging in with a valid email address after selecting the EILab Pilot Test –>

The GREx application was used in a number of research projects, most recently in COVID-19 Teaching and Learning Experiences Project

LimeSurvey (used in GELO projects and stand-alone surveys)

  • allows users to produce surveys of various formats
  • employs a rich text editor for questions and messages
  • images and videos can be integrated into the survey
  • layout and design of the survey can be modified under a template system and can be modified in an HTML editor
  • templates can be imported and exported through the template editor
  • once a survey is finalized, the user can activate it, making it available for respondents to view and answer
  • open-source software
  • using the LimeSurvey API, a survey can be posted to the GREx Dashboard

LimeSurvey is used when the GREx dashboard is employed. Most recently it was used in the study named COVID-19 Teaching and Learning Project

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