Elizabeth Childs

Associate Professor, Royal Roads University, Canada | Associate Researcher

Email: elizabeth.childs@royalroads.ca

Dr. Elizabeth Childs is Associate Professor, Education and Technology at Royal Roads University, Canada. She has over 15 years of experience as an educator and consultant to public and private education and training sectors. She consults nationally and internationally in the areas of online and blended learning, online communities, professional learning, instructional design and capacity development for technology enabled learning environments. Dr. Childs has worked with client groups across K-12, post-secondary, government and industry to assist them in assessing their readiness and then developing and implementing online and/or blended learning environments. Elizabeth has worked with clients to create benchmarks, assess their capacity for implementing online and blended programs and develop their tactical plan to guide growth for the institutions. She also works with the Framework Agreement First Nations on their national capacity building, training and professional development strategy.