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Ann-Louise Davidson

Associate Professor, Education, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Email: ann-louise@education.concordia.ca

Ann-Louise Davidson’s research activities pursue two different, yet interrelated, lines of inquiry. The first line of inquiry pertains to understanding how teaching and learning evolves through digital technology. The second line of inquiry pertains to understanding how digital technologies can improve the life condition of people living with intellectual disabilities, and help them develop a better sense of autonomy and self-advocacy. Overall, she strives to identify under which conditions digital technology has the potential to improve the condition of human beings and documents and analyzes successful experiences using interpretative inquiry and action research techniques. Her core aim is to gain a deep understanding of the qualitative changes in teaching, learning and living with technologies.  As such, her contributions, partnership and collaborations make her an integral part of the EILAB.

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Davidson, A.-L., vanOostveen, R., Suárez, W., Naffi, N., & Arabuli, N. (2015). Co-designing video case studies with teachers as a strategy to document the evolution of teaching approaches through the adoption of technology. The Learner, 22nd International Conference on Learning, “What Counts as Learning? Big Data, Little Data, Evidence and Assessment.", Madrid, Spain.
Davidson, A.-L., Naffi, N., Arabuli, N., vanOostveen, R., & Suárez, W. (2015). A juggling act in the andean mountains – Can we handle problem-based learning, mobile technologies and english as a foreign language all at once? Canadian Society for the Study of Education Annual Conference, Ottawa, Canada.
Davidson, A.-L., Desjardins, F., vanOostveen, R., Suárez, W., & Naffi, N. (2014). Une collaboration Québec-Ontario-Équateur pour mener une recherche sur la création d’objects numériques dans une approache par probléme pour la formation des enseignants. Community for Innovation and Research on Technologies teaching/A-learning (CIRTA), Sherbrooke, Canada.
Davidson, A.-L., Naffi, N., Hannum, C., Desjardins, F., vanOostveen, R., & Suárez, W. (2014). Une recherche-action permettant d’implanter les technologies mobiles dans une approche d’APP avec des professeurs de langue étrangère dans un pays en développement. French-Canadian Association for the Advancement of Science (ACFAS), Montréal, Québec.
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