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Ed Sykes

Director of Centre for Mobile Innovation (CMI), Sheridan College
Associate Researcher

Email: ed.sykes at sheridancollege.ca

Dr. Ed Sykes is the Director of Sheridan College’s Centre for Mobile Innovation (CMI), a research centre renowned for its focus on Mobile Health (mHealth) and healthcare innovation through technologies like AI, Wearable Computing, and Augmented/Virtual Reality. With significant research expertise and a strong academic background in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Education, Dr. Sykes has a distinct interdisciplinary approach. His interests in AI, particularly Large Language Models, make him an excellent collaborator for researchers at the EILab, which aims to explore Human-Centric and Holistic Computing Interfaces (HCHI). The synergy between CMI’s work in mobile technology and AI and EILab’s interest in HCHI creates a fertile ground for collaborative research that addresses the complexities of human-computer interactions. Dr. Sykes also has experience in academic supervision and mentorship of graduate students, providing another layer of potential collaboration with the EILab.

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